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  • Planning

    THE MANAGEMENT PLANNING FUNCTION Planning - is determining what needs to be done‚ when‚ by whom‚ how‚ and within what cost in order to achieve an objective. It is the work that a manager performs to predetermine a course of action. * Provides the means for achieving a purpose‚ makes the best use of resources‚ makes a manager’s work easier‚ encourages teamwork‚ and forms a base for control. It is based on assumptions‚ involves change

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  • Planning

    PLANNING Thinking and looking ahead Process of establishing objectives and appropriate courses of action before taking action Why plan? To be: a. EFFECTIVE – being able to realize the objectives - “doing the right thing” b. EFFICIENT – being able to spend the least amount of resources in realizing the objective - “doing things right” TYPES OF PLANS: 1. Strategic Plan - focused on the entire organization - top management formulates the objectives

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  • Career Planning and Sucession Planning

    Career Planning and Succession Planning Created by Soumi Rai. Copyright material. Concepts of Career Management What are careers? – Sequence of work-related positions held by someone during lifetime Career Paths – Represent employees’ movements through opportunities over time. Created by Soumi Rai. Copyright material. Concepts of Career Management • Career management – The process for enabling employees to better understand and develop their career skills and interests‚ and to

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  • Capacity Planning and Aggregate Production Planning

    Capacity Planning & Aggregate Production Planning Capacity Planning • Long term strategic decision • determines overall level of resources • affects product lead times‚ customer responsiveness & operating costs Capacity Planning Three Basic Strategies for Timing Capacity • Capacity Lead Strategy – capacity is expanded in anticipation of demand – aggressive and used to lure away customers from competitors already constrained Capacity Planning Three Basic Strategies for Timing Capacity • Capacity

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  • Management Planning

    Management Planning Management Planning According to Halliburton.com (2013)‚ “Founded in 1919‚ Halliburton is one of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the energy industry. … Halliburton comprises 13 product service lines (PSLs). The PSLs operate in two divisions: Drilling and Evaluation‚ and Completion and Production” (para. 1-2). This is a company that needs to put the best strategic plan in place that will plan effectively for the future of the company that will make

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  • Succession Planning

    Practice Succession Planning & Talent Management Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage In Human Capital Capability Challenges and Solutions Christopher Dawson‚ Ph.D Dawson Consulting Group 830 Covington Road‚ Suite A Belmont‚ California 94002 650.773.2925 cdawson@DawsonConsult.com www.DawsonConsult.com SUCCESSION PLANNING & TALENT MANAGEMENT A Dawson Consulting Group White Paper ©Chris Dawson 2007 All Rights Reserved The Time is NOW Succession planning is necessary to ensure

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  • Planning in Management

    1. Introduction In this essay there is in-depth discussion about the function on planning. The importance of planning‚ and why it is required in every managerial activity is brought out by this essay. The nature and is effects on the other managerial functions. The various situations and problems faced if planning fails. 2. The importance of planning in the modern world: In the dynamic environment of the modern world‚ time is considered as money. One needs to be at the right place at the right

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  • Capacity Planning

    CAPACITY PLANNING ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY (AIOU) ISLAMABAD PREPARED BY: HUMA NOOR (REG: AO595884) PREPARED FOR: MISS SANOOBAR SUBJECT NAME: PRODUCTION AND OPERATION MANAGEMENT SUBJECT CODE: 8509 STUDY CENTURE: UNITEC (ISLAMABAD) To my dearest and best friend’’ Raheela Khan’’…..Who support me and help me in making report. My family especially my ‘’Mother‚’’…….who encourage me and because of whom I’m here for higher education and only with her support and prayers I have come to

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  • Importance of Planning

    Importance of Planning Ahead One of the most important lessons in life is to learn how to properly plan ahead for any situation that one may encounter; from daily life to planning your career one must learn how to properly plan. Short term planning must take place so that immediate goals are achieved. As Well‚ as long term planning so that larger more distant goals can be reached. Without proper planning many of life’s daily tasks would not be accomplished. Having a plan is a good start but

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  • Workforce Planning

    Project Identify and explain 3 important aspects of workforce planning. Make sure you explain how they contribute to the overall process of workforce planning and the success of an organization. Reference must be made to real life examples of the chosen areas of workforce planning Workforce planning is not just an imperative for expanding workplaces or those that need to replace workers‚ it is also critical when downsizing or undergoing restructures‚ mergers and acquisitions. By having a workforce

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