Unit 13: Special Interest Tourism

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Unit 13: Special Interest Tourism
M1/ Development of Educational Tourism

Explain how two relationships between special interests and tourism have developed

Educational tourism is used by schools and colleges or any institution to allow student to go on trips, theses trips will only be for education purpose. It can be linked to a course in order to know more about certain things and acquire knowledge on different visits made to a museum for example, which will help student to learn about different artefacts, cultures, artist most valued painting and historical and cultural or even aquamarine depending on the type of museum and field trip. Changes in curriculum have led to an increase in the number of school tour operators. Nowadays, teachers do not have the time to organise trips, it is now impossible to accomplish, there are to many paper to fill in, they have to teach the children with lessons that takes time to put in place, give them the work, compulsory coursework and make correction, and for students taking GSCE which was first introduced in 1986, the length of the program is long there is more testing and exams everything has to be though. That is why the demand on school operator is increasing. School operator are used by institution to allow a field trip to be put in place, the company will help gather the entire component to make a package. The component consist of the transport, transfer, the place they will be going, any paper document that need to be provided toward health and safety security. When all the assessments are made, they will be able to provide schools with an itinerary for the day trip or month trip depending on the duration from the departure, the detail, to the return. An event happened in 1993 concerning The Lyme Bay canoeing disaster where four children from a group of eight by errors were swept out to sea and drowned; they were accompanied by two instructors. The impact made, it scared teacher because of the lack of safety measure, they are scared because they are in charge of the children and all the responsibilities comes back to them in case an accident occur. Parents do not want to send their kids on trips if it is not safe, there is no insurance, where there is lack of information about the activities and what will the children be doing on that day. This is why after the disaster a new law was passed, The Activity Centres (Young person Safety) Act 1995 which states that anyone putting adventure activities for under 18 year old must hold a license. This was an advantage for specialist school operators, which is now popular because there are certified and has got the experience in that matter. The type of product and services offered by school tour operators to their customers are, subject focused trips and tour, visits and trips designed for a certain age group, planning and booking information for teachers, they also state their experience with safety, experience and offer customer service and providing the teacher and students with the necessary financial protection, through ABTA and ATOL bonds. Tour operators allowed schools to go on more trips and to go to more unusual destination. Back in time schools could only organised trip inside the borough they live in or not to far so they can walk and come back walking, it was not really exiting for the children because they were spending half of their day walking, it consisted in visiting local museum, going to cinema, swimming pool, it was more general not related to education and knowledge purpose, but much more to get the kids out and have fun. Now with the school tour operator they are able to go to more destinations, which they were not thinking of, such as coach excursion, it is more specialised, they will know they are going to such place to learn about a subject. An example of college student studying history or politics will be able to have a school trip to Paris, tailored made by the tour operator which will allow students to...
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