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P2- Describe the Different Stakeholders Who Influence the Purpose of Two Contrasting Businesses

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P2- describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses
Ralph Thoresby School
The school has lots of stakeholders that play a part inside the school this does not always mean that they have to be is shareholders or even that they own the business. A stakeholder can be in this case a student, parents, teacher, head teacher, government and the local area and shops. It is just someone that is affected by that business. All of these vary in the amount of influence they have in the running of the school, some can’t be run without them and others can run for a limited amount of time without them.
Students and parents are the customers of this business because they are the ones that are getting the service given to them in the form of getting taught and being given knowledge. Schools have to fill a quota of students otherwise they will have to shut down, this mean that without the students the school would have to just shut down. They attract students by holding things like open evening, extra curricular activities, websites and visits to primary schools. These things that they do are not mandatory for the schools but it is a very competitive business since they are so many schools just in one area. This all means that they have a massive influence on the school since schools are actually made for the students. Without the students there would no point in having a school, it would make the business pointless. Also if the school didn’t do things like the open evenings and the visits to primary school they would most likely be very under there quota for students and have to shut down, the rest of the students would be sent else where.
Teaching staff are the employees of the business and they consist of the SLT, the head teacher and the teaching assistants. They teach the lessons and mange the day to day life of the whole school and make sure each day goes smoothly. There are also the MITIE staff who actually own the building itself, have a cleaning contract with the school it’s self. There are also consortium staffs from the other schools; the school have staff at other schools that teach the children from this school. This is very influential especially the teaching staff because without them there would be no one to teach the kids at the school. The quality of teaching and resources influences of well the kids actually learn. The teachers can also influence the subject choices that can be offered in the school itself.
There are suppliers, such as the Yorkshire purchasing organisation they supply things like pens, pencils, rulers and PC’s and other things like this. RM is the ones who supply the school with things like laptops and interactive white boards. This all means that they have varying importance, the school may need supplies but is they don’t get them for a while they would be fine in the short term and still be able to do their job they would just be a bit hindered .
The owners of the school is different because there are no real owners but it is controlled by the local authority which is the Leeds council and the government. The government give out the wages to all of the staff that work at the school and they also control how many special education needs, free school meals and black ethnic minority the school has to take in. Other things that they control are what subjects had to be compulsory and how much training a teacher has to do before they can become a teacher. They make the schools report back to the government on things such as the behaviour of the school and the overall attendance. There are also a board of governors that handle the day to day running of the school. The influence of these people is massive because they can change almost everything about a school and how it is run. They are very important to the school because without them it would be chaos, people would be taught completely different things and half qualified teachers would be allowed in to teach.
There are trade unions which are optional to all workers, the ones who do have to pay an annual fee to be involved with it. These unions bring everyone together which makes them a bigger voice so when something is wrong for the teachers the whole union can get involved. When the government or the school want to change something then they have to go to the union and negotiate, this is so they teachers don’t get a bad deal. There are union representatives in every school; they are just normal teachers that have volunteered for the job. They have weekly meeting to check up and make sure they teachers are being treated in the right way. There day to day influence is very low as they don’t really change much, but in the long run they can change loads of things and affect the school massively because they can go on things like strikes. Strikes can damage the school and impact massively because it stops education and can cost lots of people money.
The employer association is the GTC (General Teaching Council) is a very strict organisation because very teacher has to be a member of it by law. They do things like set codes for the teachers to follow, such thing as how the teachers behaviour, who they can add or talk to on social networking sites and handling relationships with students. The influence of this association is very big, this is because the teachers have to follow these rules and if they don’t they lose there licence to teach.
The last stakeholder of the school is the local and national community, they are very important because they a usually the ones who sent there children to the school. Also they can become a part of the board of governors because they live in the local area. They also are the ones who usually complain about how the kids around the school act, and how they would like them to act. This means that they have a massive influence on the school because they can make there children not go to the school or get something changed by complaining.

The customers keep the ASDA running and if they lose too many of them then they will have to shut the whole of the store, and they would properly shut the store indefinitely. They have to make advertising to keep the customers coming otherwise the same will happen as it says above. Also the customer can choose to go to any other competitor supermarket which means if enough of the customers go it can mean disaster for ASDA. They are important because without these they would shut down and they would make no money.
The staff are people like shelf stacker, till workers, mangers and security. These people make sure that the whole place work properly and smoothly. They staff have to report back to the head office on the profits and the total intake. They are very important to the business because the quality of staff effects how well the business actually runs that’s why they run things like service with a smile and make sure they are trained enough, so they can operate at the best of there ability. If they was to be untrained and didn’t treat the customers well this would bring a bad image of ASDA to the public, making them a less desirable company to shop at. Without them the business would shut because there would be no one there to run it.
The suppliers are mostly the farmers they bring in all the fresh products in mostly everyday. They get the rest of there supplies from big companies like mars and the Pringle Company; also other smaller companies bring in stock. The influence of this is massive because they couldn’t really function without them because they would have nothing to sell to there customers.
The local community is also very important because they are most of the people that actually use and buy from the super market. This means that the ASDA has to keep down the noise and the pollution so that they don’t complain. The influence of them is high because they are the heart of ASDA and without them they would be out of business.
The owners of ASDA are WALMART; the owners can change how the business is actually run and what they sell. The ASDA head offices are the one who actually give out the wages and can fire and hire people. They are also the one who control how many stores open and close in the whole country. The owners of the ASDA are a very big influence on the company because they are the ones who can change and alter the company to the way they want it.
There are no trade unions for the ASDA Company; this means that if they want to join one then they will have to join an overall one for all the company. They are a big influence because if they were unhappy with there job then they would be able to strike so they could get that they wanted. This would spell disaster for ASDA because the strikers would be outside ASDA with signs causing a scene that would stop people for shopping there that day, also could even shut ASDA if enough of the staff went on strike which would mean that they would lose out on a lot of money.
The government can change a lot of ASDA with things like laws, such as the minimum wage which can change how much the company can make also they might choose to hire or fire with this change. Another thing that they can change is the health and safety rules and regulations, which can change how they operate inside the work place and maybe even cost ASDA money on extra training. The opening hours of ASDA can also be changed by the government, which can mean that they can lose or gain more depending on the extra or less time they have to sell there products. The age restricted products are also controlled by the government, this means that they have to make sure they ID people for these products or they could be fined. They get taxed by the government on all of there products and that they sell so this can change how much they earn and what there prices are. The government have a very big influence on ASDA but also it doesn’t because they can’t change other of the important thing like how many stores they open and what they actually sell.

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