unit 1 government policies assignment 2 task 1

Topics: Human rights, Military, Royal Air Force Pages: 7 (1986 words) Published: October 5, 2014
In this assignment I will be talking to you about how different policies made by the Government affect the public services and how affects services primarily such as how some policies made by the government can affect the Military or how they can affect the Emergency services. I will also be talking to you about how modern society can and is affecting the Government policies such as how acts of terrorism or civil disobedience & demonstrations, but also how the policies set by Government can affect the communities they serve. Human Rights

The Human rights act affects the all of the Uniformed Public Services because of the fact that it means that everyone has these rights all over the world and the Britain is sworn to protect everyone’s human rights in the UK and the human rights of citizens of the United Kingdom all over the world. This can affect the police services because of the fact that in the Human Right act, it states that you have a right to freedom from arrest or unjustified police searches, ‘among the wide range of circumstances covered by the act are disproportionate use of stop and search powers against ethnic minorities’ http://www.theguardian.com/humanrightsandwrongs/affect-public-sector. So the police cannot arrest someone if they do not have any proof, because everyone that is a citizen of the UK is entitled to a right from the freedom of arrest, so this might mean that even though the police may know a person has committed a crime, if that cannot prove it then they cannot arrest him/her. This affects the police service because it means that they may be letting a criminal back on to the streets to possibly commit more crime. The Human Rights act may also affect the Uniformed Public services because of the fact that in the Armed services it is impossible to protect the human right of a serviceman/woman in other countries, such as Afghanistan to the same standards of what they would expect in the UK. This may affect the Armed Services because of the fact that they may think that they are being treated unfairly. The human rights act may also affect the UPS because Human rights affect the police by monitoring any action the police force take. The police are also answerable to the human rights in regard to their unjustifiable actions that involve wrong use of firearms and public order policing that they are defying. Increased Usage of Reserve Forces

This is happening because the Government is making cuts to the regular Armed forces (Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force & Royal Marines)to save the UK money and to slowly release them from the over extensive debt that they are currently in. The increased usage of reserve forces affects the military massively. One way is that the reserve forces do not receive adequate training and therefore cannot perform as well as a full time serviceman/woman; this is because regular service personnel undergo training almost every day of the year so are more actively ready for the job specific role. And also if the reserve forces do not receive adequate training it can jeopardise not only their own safety, but also those around them. And also it makes the UK more vulnerable to attack; this is because by increasing the amount of reserve forces, there would be less active service personnel on duty, leaving the UK out in the open for an attack. However on the other hand another way that they increased use of reserve forces may affect the Military is that it means that instead of having regular service personnel do jobs that aren’t anything to do with their job, (laundry, office work or doing the cleaning) you could have the reserve forces to fill in to those jobs. ‘there are available to address unforeseen situations bolster defenses, or exploit opportunities’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/military_reserve_force And another positive is that you would be able to pay the reserve’s less, so therefore, not...
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