Be Able To Investigate Current Affairs Media And Support From Public Services

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P7. Report on 3 examples of current affairs that affect public services and citizens. M4. Analyse the effects on citizens and public services of the way that three current affairs examples have been reported by the media. Army cuts.

“Top general warns over 'hollowed-out' armed forces”
The British armed forces are due to be significantly reduced in numbers by thousands of personnel by 2020. The Army will lose 20,000 soldiers, the Navy 6,000 personnel and the RAF 5,000. I found this news report on BBC news. The BBC presented this in favour of the public services as they will be saving money and will be able to afford more equipment. It does affect the citizens because more people are becoming redundant and losing their jobs causing people be jobless and losing a job they that they love. The media has presented this story in many different ways such as on the internet it was very down to the point no pictures, just text. It was very complex online. Whereas in the newspaper it there was less to read and more pictures of what was happening. The pictures they used was the soldiers packing there belongings and returning home. The media showed this story differently The way the news have reported this story has an effect on the citizens and the public services because people are losing their jobs causing people to be made redundant this has the same impact on the public services. It has a number of effects on the public because it makes the citizens think that we have less protection in the UK if there aren’t as many army soldiers fighting for our county. All of the families who have a family member in the army will be more worried about the soldiers who still have their job because there is more risk of them getting injuries now there are fewer soldiers. By these people loosing there job it has many consequences as it could lead to their family being homeless, depression could start because of all the stress. This affects both the public services and the citizens. The soldiers could have post dramatic stress from leaving the army and going back to reality or having a medical issue and some may even have it because of the situations they have been accounted with. There are also is positive effects of this is that the army are saving money in many ways and use it on training the soldiers they already have. Maria Duque-Tunjano killed.

“Manhunt as Earls Court prostitute Maria Duque-Tunjano killed” A man suspected of murdering a west London sex worker and attacking another is being hunted by police. The body of Maria Duque-Tunjano, 48, was in a flat in Earl's Court for several days before it was found on 31 January. She died from head injuries. Police have said they are looking for Robert Richard Fraser, also known as Robert Aleem or Shia Robert Jackson. They are linking the killing to another attack on a sex worker in Paddington, west London, on 18 January. We also understand she was in the company of a man and our primary focus is to trace him as part of this investigation. "It is imperative that we trace him as soon as possible.”

"We have spoken to organisations with links to those who work in the sex industry to make them aware of this incident and pass on the message that personal safety of sex workers is of paramount importance." This news report was found on BBC news I think this is not in favour of the police as they are searching for the killer which isn’t a good thing for the police as it is wasting valuable time because there is many other incidents that the police need to attend and use their services. This story affects the citizens as it makes the people living in this area scared of what might happen next and that the area isn’t safe. This report doesn’t help anyone because it is letting everyone know that there is a killer loose and not in prison. The way the news have reported this story has an effect on the citizens because they are now scared of living in this area because the killer has not been caught,...

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