unit 1 effective communication level 3 health and social care

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Effective communication is important both within an organisation and externally. Effective communication improves business efficiency. Communication is about passing messages between people or organisations. Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place to another. A skill is the ability to be able to do something well, it is something that an individual can learn and improve on. An example of a skill would be being able to ride a bike or lift an elderly person properly within a care home setting. A quality is something that an individual has; it is part of an individual’s personality. A quality comes naturally to each individual. An example of a quality would be having patience or being a kind and caring person. As health care professionals everyone needs various skills and qualities but it has been said that communication is the most import one for a health care professional. Abraham Maslow studied the needs of humans and his theory was that the purpose of human life was personal growth. Maslow believes that communication is the most important to help meet the needs of each individual. He also believed that care workers needs effective communication because they are working with troubled people. This essay consists of the role of effective communication which contains examples within the health and social care setting to help me establish my understanding of effective communication. www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/business/people/communicationrev1.shtml(15-11-2013) www.skillsyouneed.com/general/what-is-communication.html(15-11-2013) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skill(15-11-2013) www.wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_difference_between_quality_and_skills?#slide8(15-11-2013)

As a health care professional it is vital that you make sure that you develop positive relationships with your colleagues and your clients. There must be positive relations between colleagues to make sure that everything is completed to the best of everyone’s ability. Positive, supporting and caring relationships help to meet the needs of each service user. Every relationship that a health care professional has with their clients and colleagues must be respectful and trustworthy. The relationship that the health care professional has with their clients influences the care that given to each client. A positive and caring relationship is the best relationship to help the care that is given be as efficient and effective as it can be. It is important to make sure that all the clients need are met. A positive, caring relationship helps the client’s communication with the health care professionals easier than having a negative relationship. This is because the client knows that they can trust the health care professional. Example 1

When I was on work experience, in Singleton Hospital 2012 I was able to develop positive relationships with the staff on the department. I was able to do this by completing group tasks with the staff and one to one tasks with my supervisor. These were both done in two different situations, formal and informal. I worked with some patients that were in the hospital wards. I completed various activities with one patient that had a hearing impairment. I overcame this by using non-verbal types of communication like visual aids for example, pictures, signs, symbols and writing. A visual aid helps people with hearing impairments communicate easier with other people as it makes it easier for them to understand what the other person is saying. It is important to use the individuals preferred method of communication. If an individual prefers to use a different type of language then it is important that the health care professionals make sure that they do something to make sure this is what happens for the client. Example 2

Each week on placement with the college I am improving my relationships with the residents in Cwrt Clwydi Gwyn nursing home. One resident in the nursing home I already have a...
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