Unique Selling Proposition

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Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
Here are a few guidelines on how to ensure your business has something unique in both your product and communication messages and then how to market your business to the customers you highlighted yesterday. How to develop your unique selling proposition

When there are many companies wanting people to spend money on their business, one of the most important areas for you to focus on is something unique that sets your business apart from your competitors. This will set you apart rather than simply being a 'me too' company. If you simply have the same offering then your potential customers may have difficulty in understanding why they should buy from you rather than your competitors. There are several areas where your company can be unique. Have a look through the following and decide if these areas could make your business different. Unique pricing strategies

Many people think that having the lowest price is the best place to be and this is not always the case. A low price can indicate to potential customers that you are offering low value or low quality. So you should think about where you are positioning your services in terms of the price you are charging relative to the overall market place and your nearest competitors. If your services are really a commodity (e.g.: baked beans...) then price may be the only way forward to generate sales volume. However, there is ALWAYS a place in every market for a premium priced company. Let's look at the crisp market in the UK.

For many years you could only buy standard crisps or very cheap ones, mostly made by the supermarkets under their own brand. Then "Walkers" came out with their 'Sensations' range of crisps, which are a high quality product in high quality packaging. They have developed new, exciting and exotic flavours and now these have been become extremely successful. The price is at least 50% higher than the market average price. Consumers have seen the new product as "best in...
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