Unethical Practices in Airlines

Topics: Aircraft, Airline, Luggage Pages: 4 (909 words) Published: March 24, 2011
1) Mishandling of customers goods and making way at times with some valuables:

Baggage mishandling remains a large and growing headache for the industry, estimated in the billions of dollars for lost luggage claims and recovery service costs. The costs of passenger frustration are harder to nail down, but just as worrying.

At times customer’s luggage is mishandled to the extent the customer has to discard the suitcase or the carton in which the goods were in. It is also seen that valuables go missing/damaged.


A few months back a relative of mine who has traveled in the past in Indigo airlines faced a situation which no customer would want to face especially traveling by air. He was traveled from Lucknow to Hyderabad on 11-02-2011 by flight 6E 309. When he went to take his baggage on arrival at Hyderabad airport , the locks were not there and the bag was torn off.

Immediately he went to the Baggage enquiry counter and showed the condition of the baggages. The Customer Service Agent (a Lady) asked him to check the items and tell her what is missing. It was not possible to check the baggage’s there itself and tell what was missing.

This did not happened with him the first time. This is the 2nd incident which he faced with Indigo airlines and that was the reason he intentionally put locks on both his baggages. The 1st time he lost a mobile in spite of logging a complaint nothing happened.

This time again the same thing happened despite of putting locks in the baggage. Following are the items which went missing from the baggage’s:

1) Levis Jeans (Blue Colour) - 1 No. worth Rs. 2500

2) Old Navy Jacket (Grey and yellow Colour) - 1 No. worth Rs. 1200/-

3) Dry fruits gift box - 1 No. worth Rs, 500

4) Nike Shoes (White colour) - 1 Pair worth Rs. 2200/-

5) Gift items worth...
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