Mexican drug war

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Mexican Drug War


Mexico has had a reputation for trafficking drugs to the United States and

South America since the major trafficking started in the early 1960s, but the drug trade between the United States and Mexico started in 1933 when the United States revoked the alcohol prohibition. It is easy for the drug cartels and traffickers to move the drugs through Mexico because of its prime location between the United States and South America. Also do to the cartels in nearby Columbia.

The Sinaloa Cartel, lead by Pedro Aviles Perez, was one of the original major drug smugglers in Mexico. Previously there was small time smuggling going through Mexico, but it wasn’t until the 1960 when Pedro Perez started smuggling marijuana to the border states of the United States.

The cartels could only smuggle small amounts of marijuana into the United States, either by putting small amounts stored into a suitcase or by walking it across the border in a backpack. This was a risky way to move the drugs and a lot of them were confiscated by authorities. They needed a new way to get the drugs across the border that was safer.

Pedro Aviles Perez and Carlos Lehder thought of a new way to transport drugs. They tried loading them on a small aircraft and taking off from a small airport in Mexico and landing in the United States. It was a success. This revolutionized the way drugs were smuggled, and made it much easier to move large amounts of marijuana to the United States. This also led to huge profits for the cartels.

In the 1970s the Mexican cartels joined together with the Columbians. The Columbians started supplying the cartels with cocaine. Then the cartels would smuggle it across the border to the United States. In the beginning the cartels were paid in cash by the Columbians, but in the 80s they started to give the cartels 35-50% of the cocaine as payment. This brought the cartels into the business of selling the cocaine.

Throughout the 80s and 90s Pablo Escobar was the main exporter of cocaine to the United States. Pablo started his cocaine operation in 1975. He gained a reputation after murdering a well known drug dealer named Fabio Restrepo. He had already established routes to the Untied States from his previous smuggling of marijuana and heroin. His control over the Mexican drug trade lasted well into the 90s until he was

arrested by Mexican officials.
In 2006 Mexico elected Felipe
Calderon as President, a man that was
determined to abolish the Mexican drug
trade. Calderon implemented military style
tactics on the cartels, trying to crush them
by force. He sent 6,500 Mexican Army
soldiers to the state of Michoacan to stop
the cartels that operate there. They
conducted raids, made arrests and set up
highway check points. Before this most
government officials turned a blind eye to
the drug traffickers, saying that it was the
United Sates issue. But not Felipe
Calderon, he was bent on destroying the

Since Felipe Calderon got elected in 2006 there has been an unimaginable amount of deaths in Mexico, directly related to the drug war. Some say 15 times more people have died in Mexico in the past six years than in the United States’s Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined.

Although most media outlets agree
that approximately 50,000 have died.
Molly Molloy, a researcher at New
Mexico State University says “99,667
have died since december 2006”.
Many of these deaths are from the
drug cartels using guns that are
thought to be coming from the United
Drugs are smuggled through
Mexico into the United States in
return money and weapons are sent back to Mexico. In the past five years 68,000 guns have been recovered by Mexican authorities that have been traced

back to the United States. Most of these guns have been linked to crimes committed in Mexico. They are either found at the senses of cartel shootings or were seized in raids on illegal arms...
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