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English Verb Tenses

The only way everyone knows what everyone else is talking about with any degree of certainty is with verb tenses. Verb tenses are absolutely necessary to fluency in English. If you are a native speaker, they add validity to your diction, story-telling, and opinions. If English is your second language, verb tenses are the most important things to master before you can call yourself fluent in the most widely-spoken language on earth. Ads by Google

Into Binary Options ? Get a Free eBook & Learn How To Trade Binary Options Like a Pro !www.opteck.com/South+Africa Grammar, consequentto how crucial it is, is one of the most difficult things to get consistently right. Every grammarian will tell you of their utter surprise anddismay concerning the lack of grammatical acumen in even those who hold degrees from top-ranking universities. It's a lifelong forge, but the rewards are worth the effort. English verb tenses help organize your thoughts and your writing. Clarity in spoken and written communication permits you entrance to a world where ideas flourish. If being part of the intellectual community is important to you, English verb tenses need to be important to you, too. This article will address the first steps to mastering simple verb tenses in English. Part two will continue where this article leaves off. How English Verb Tenses are Categorized

Simple tenses are the basic past, present, and future: they describe either one event or all events of an action. Progressive tenses exist to describe the length of an action or an action currently taking place. Perfect tenses talk more about the time in which something is being done rather than the action itself. Ads by Google

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Simple Present
Simple present is used when...
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