Understand the purpose and context of learning and development.

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Understand the purpose and context of learning and development


There are many reason why people want to learn and develop themselves, to gain more knowledge, experience new things, gain extra qualifications and to promote and project themselves forward for advancement. Myself, I like to gain as much knowledge and understanding of how things work and how to do a job the best that I can as well as gaining as many qualifications as I can also. So with that in mind, I have found that pushing myself forward and learning new skills has enabled me to gain the qualifications and skills to land the role of Trainer here at Wilkinson Service Centre 2. For Wilkinson, the real reason will be so that it's employees have the right tools to carry out their jobs. Organisations which are keen to improve their productivity, efficiency and profitability will look to move beyond mandatory training and look at more diverse learning and development activities which will enable the employees to maximise their potential and provide a valuable resource for the organisation.

I have found that there are several reasons why team members want to learn, one of the key factors is the ever changing world we live in and the advances in technology that come with it. If I want to keep up, I must evolve and change with the times, that means I must always be willing to learn and develop in my role as a Trainer and pass that knowledge on.

Fundamentally Wilkinson needs to provide learning and development to improve the skill level in its workforce and develop its teams and individuals to be polished and professional competitors in the market place. But sometimes change is the driving force behind learning and development, as the case is at present with the introduction for project Drive in the form of a new shift Patten to include 24 hour operations. So this learning and development can be from basic Maths and English, NVQ's, collage funded courses to sign language and promotional...
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