Unit 202

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1.1 EXPLAIN THE PURPOSE AND BENEFITS OF CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVING PERFORMANCE AT WORK. The purpose and benefits of continuously improving performance is to exceed are limitations and achieve personal goals, also to impress our manager, boss supervisor. 1.2 EXPLAIN THE PURPOSE AND BENEFITS OF ENCOURAGING AND ACCEPTING FEEDBACK FROM OTHERS. It is good to hear other people’s opinion on your work, and see you are doing it right and for help they are suggestions and if you don’t like them you don’t have to change your work. 1.3 EXPLAIN HOW LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT CAN IMPROVE OWN WORK, BENEFIT ORGANISATIONS, AND IDENTIFY CAREER OPTIONS. Learning and development can prove your own work as it brings new skills to light and should give the employee a better understanding of the job they are doing. Through learning new skills, an employee could realise that they are now able to do a job they previously felt under-qualified for, and also giving you more career options. It could also mean that they could have promotion and a salary rise. It can benefit work as well the employee is better qualified and should have a better understanding of their job role. 1.4 DESCRIBE POSSIBLE CAREER PROGRESSION ROUTES.

The progression route from my current career will be towards a senior admin role, and eventually a management position. I also think that this will help me towards my career I wish to pursue in the educational field, where I will have to also demonstrate administrate tasks on my day to day tasks at work. 1.5 DESCRIBE POSSIBLE DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES.

After completing my Diploma at level 2 Business and Administration I can possibly look for jobs in various sectors where they need administrators, supervisors and team managers all the time. I already have experience working in a children’s play area has a receptionist and party organiser. I will be...
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