Importance of Continual Self Development.

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Importance of continual self development.

Continual self-development is a life longlife long process., self developmentself-development is based on a number of assumptions, there is always something we can get better at and that you believe you are worth the investment of time and effort this will keep you employable, competitive and fulfilled.

There is only you the individual who can develop yourself, no one else can do your learning and development for you. As Peter Honey says in his Continuing Personal Development Quick Peek pdf “The door for your development is looked with the key on the inside! Other people can knock on the door and offer you enticing opportunities but you, and you alone, decide whether to open the door and help yourself to what ever development opportunities are on offer”

Continual self development helps you keep alert, by having a clear view of what is needed to develop yourself within your career, by setting goals, learning and training it will keep you focused on what progression you have made towards your development plan. This will improve your current performance therefore you are already achieving what you set out to do more effectively. Also it can prepare you for more demanding roles within your organisation or new opportunities.

Continual self development is also important for the company you work for as it helps you develop further and improve your work skills and enables you and the company to assess where you are with what the companies’ expectations of you are. The company may set goals for you to achieve and by doing continual self development this will enable you to help yourself meet the expectations the company have set you. A goal that I have set myself is to increase my confidence and my company have put into place regular 1:1 with my team and then to write a synopsis up every month which then goes to my manager. This has helped me push myself by having to give honest feedback, praising and setting...
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