Ultimate Questions

Topics: Religion, Question, Personal life Pages: 6 (2252 words) Published: November 7, 2010
We our living lives with questions, and want answers for all of them; this is killing our religion, and our faith in the world. Our society is so used to the new technology and the fast pace world that we want and expect instant gratification. Religion, however, is not something you can just type in google.com and get and get an answer. That annoys people and is causing a drastic decline in religion today. The reason for such a decline is the way our lives are being run, and even taking one hour, one day a week is to hard of a task for some to accomplish. With facing doubt and not having reasoning or answers, people feel as if they get nothing out or going to mass, and like kids being forced to go, while sitting there it’s been apparent that your not fully being taken in and focusing on the miracle happening and the lecture being told, instead mass attendees are asking questions in their head and planning there week. They want a psychical item to leave with because there thoughts are not enough. This is proven because according o studies and statistics, the most attended days of church is ash Wednesday, where you receive ashes on your forehead, and Palm Sunday, where you receive palms, both showing Catholicism physically instead of showing your Catholicism emotionally and just be your actions. We don’t take time any longer to think, so because of whom we have come we don’t take time and ask ourselves, what are the important questions. So with all of this doubt and changes in the world there are 5 ultimate questions you should be asking yourself: What is the human condition, What is the spiritual perfection, what is our destiny, what is the nature of the world, and what is the ultimate reality?

What is the human condition is an intense question because we have to determine who we are. We live our daily lives not knowing what we are doing while we are doing it, just out of habit and routine. So we are basically living off of experience. That is becoming a problem because we are not doing new things or taking time to do things out of our comfort zone, that might even be for the better. With our generation, with all the new technology, are views have changed. Our generation is suspicious of religion. Your family alone can affect your religious practice and how much you practice it. We have a sense that because we have learned to control everything it scares us, or makes out doubt faith sense we have no control. Also growing up with terrorist attacks and natural disasters that we would want on explanation. We want immediate gratification and if we can’t get it we are not satisfied. We want proof of everything and it is not possible with religion, you have to believe. We are suspicious of what we cannot prove and try to prove it.

To find ourselves we have to find out our religion and our center for peace. Luckily, I have found mine in Jesus but before I knew I could turn to I was lost and always depressed, not knowing what to do. I have gone through a lot of family issues and there was a time where my family and I really suffered which made it hard to get close to God because with the suffering I went through, and the suffering so many other people are going through I had no idea how there could be a God. But with help from my churches youth group I was able to find myself and find God soon after. I soon realized that it’s impossible to be perfect, and just because there is suffering in the world, doesn’t mean it has anything to do with God. I can’t say it any better than the main character Jamie says from the movie A Walk To Remember, “Without suffering there would be no compassion.” God does everything for a reason and those who suffer can normally handle it, or are strong enough to and they result in changing others ways. I know many people that suffer with deathly diseases have affected me. One case in particular was with my friend Nick.

Nick was a sophomore in high school at Saint...
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