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Questions: In the brief history:
What was the social and economic status of the first settlers to Jamestown? The colonists chose Jamestown Island for their settlement largely because the Virginia Company advised them to select a location that could be easily defended from ocean-going navies of the other European states that were also establishing New World colonies and were periodically at war with England, notably the Dutch Republic, France, and especially Spain. The island fit the criteria, as it had excellent visibility up and down what is today called the James River, and it was far enough inland to miminimisehe potential of contact and conflict with enemy ships. The rest of the ships had limped into Jamestown in August of 1609, their passengers mostly sick or hurt--one ship was said to carry the plague--and provided nothing but extra mouths to feed--400, in fact.
They are very poor, and their social status are very low.
2. What was the "starving time"?

On May 24, 1610, approaching Jamestown, they came upon only 60 gaunt survivors of the "Starving Time"--nearly 90% of the colony had died during the winter.

Look in Physical Site:
How did tobacco change Jamestown?
It increased the demand for labor .
4. Describe the physical situation of Jamestown. What sort of lands did the settlement sit on? Advantages and disadvantages of this site?
It had a deep-water mooring for the ships and it was a semi-island--protected on three sides by the river and marshes. It was a swamp.
Advantages: military, it was a semi-island--protected on three sides by the river and marshes, it's form a good military geographical.
Disadvantages: It was a swamp, and a phenomenally unhealthy location. Fresh water was a major problem, and often the colonists were reduced to drinking the brackish river water. Malaria and dysentery periodically raged through the community
Why was 2007 important for Jamestown?
Preparations are now underway for a grand festival in 2007 to

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