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UAP DOCUMENT 301: GENERAL CONDITIONS SECTION 1: DEFINITIONS  CONTRACT DOCUMENTS – consists of the following: 1. Agreement 2. General conditions 3. Special provisions 4. Specifications 5. Drawings  OWNER – person ordering the project for execution  ARCHITECT – commissioned by the owner  ENGINEER – person so named in the contract document  PROJECT REPRESENTATIVE – full time construction inspector hired by owner assisting in the supervision of the work.  CONTRACTOR – person or firm whose proposal has been accepted & contract awarded  SUB-CONTRACTOR – having direct contact with contractor, acts in behalf of the contractor in executing any part of the contract  SURETY – person, firm, or corporation providing guarantee for contractor’s bonds  PROPOSAL – offer of a bidder  PROPOSAL BOND – cashier’s check or surety bond with the proposal submitted by the bidder to guarantee that the bidder will enter into the contract.  PERFORMANCE BOND – (15%) approved form of security furnished by the contractor as a guarantee to execute work in accordance with terms of the contract.  PAYMENT BOND – (15%) approved form of security furnished by the contractor as guarantee to pay all obligations arising from the contract  GUARANTEE BOND – (15%) approved form of security furnished by the contractor to guarantee to the quality of materials and workmanship performed.  AGREEMENT – contract between owner and contractor undertaking the project  ADVERTISEMENT/ INVITATION TO BID – notice or invitation issued to bidders giving information of the magnitude and extent of the project, nature, etc.  BID BULLETIN – additional information on contract documents  INSTRUCTION TO BIDDERS – list of instructions on preparation & conditions for award of contract  DRAWINGS – graphical representation of work  GENERAL CONDITIONS – printed documents stipulating procedural and administrative aspects of the contract  SPECIAL PROVISIONS – instructions that supplement or modify drawings, specs, & general conditions of the contract.  SPECIFICATIONS – written or printed description of work describing qualities of materials and mode of construction  SUPPLEMENTARY SPECS – addt’l info issued as an addition or amendment to provisions of specs.  SCHEDULE OF MATERIALS AND FINISHES – outline specs enumerating type and trade names of materials used 2  BREAKDOWN OF WORK AND CORRESPONDING VALUES – list of work and corresponding value in materials & labor including profit and overhead allowance.  WRITTEN NOTICE – info, advice or notification pertinent to the project  ACT OF GOD/ FORCE MAJEURE – catastrophes, phenomena of nature, misfortunes and accidents which human prudence cannot foresee or prevent.  TIME LIMITS – duration of time allowed by the contract for project completion  LOCAL LAWS – laws, ordinances, and government regulations applicable to the project  WORK – includes labor and materials, equipment, transportation, faculties necessary for completion of the project  FURNISH - “purchase and/or fabricate and deliver to the jobsite”  INSTALL – build in, mount in positions, connect or apply  PROVIDE – “furnish and install” SECTION 2: EXECUTION, CORRELATION AND INTENT OF DOCUMENTS  Documents signed in quintuplicate by owner and contactor duly witnessed.  Intent of contract documents – prescribe the complete work - Intention is to include labor, materials, equipment and transportation necessary for completion and Execution  Specs shall take control in discrepancies in drawings and specs.  Any discrepancies, errors and omissions shall be reported to the architect or engineer. Any work done involving errors are the contractor’s risk.  Architect or engineer shall furnish additional...
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