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Request for Proposal

New Dodger Practice Field

Texas Dodgers Inc., Semi-Pro
888 Baseball Street

PM598 –Session, Week

1.1. General Description of Work4
1.2. What Must Be Included with Bid6
1.3. Schedule of Bid Period Activities7
1.4. Location of Work8
1.5. Pre-Bid Meeting9
1.6. Owner Contact for Questions9
1.7. Pre-Award Surveys10
1.8. Sealed Bid Requirements10
1.9. Basis for Bid Evaluation10
1.10. Ethical Standards11
1.11. Responsibility for Surety Bonds11
1.13. List of Bidders12
1.14. Letter of Acknowledgment12
2.1. Engineering Contracts13
2.2. Construction Contracts13
3.1. Breakdown of Bid Price14
3.2. Revisions and Extra Work14
3.3. Escalation Formulas14
3.4. Scheduled Completion Dates15
3.5. List of Subcontractors15
3.6. Key Supplier or Contractor Personnel15
3.7. Length of Time Bid Is Valid15
3.9. Notice of Conflicts or Errors in Bid Documents15
3.10. Clarifications of Bids16
3.11. Bidder Signature16
Appendix A19
Appendix B20
Supplier/Bidder List20
Works Cited21

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The Texas Dodgers Inc., Semi-Pro Division, on September 1, 2010 is soliciting proposals from general contractors to provide construction services for a new baseball practice field and facility to be located at a new 20 acre park athletic complex, located at Dodgers Parkway, Austin, Texas.

Proposals will be accepted up until 3:00 pm on October 1, 2010 in the Purchasing Office, Texas Dodgers Inc., 888 Baseball Street, Austin, Texas 78741. The proposal should only be mailed, signature required, Attention: of Bill Smith Project Coordinator. Please include “RFP-7710” on the outside mailing label of your response package. A job-site walkthrough is scheduled for September 7, 2010, 1:00P.M. at the Dodgers Inc., 888 Baseball Street, Austin, Texas 78741 conference room #2. Bids will be reviewed on October 8th 2010 and an award will be made on November 1, 2010. The project start date is November 2nd after bid notification to bid winner and the project completion target date is March 1, 2012.

The project goals are to provide our newly acquired Texas Dodgers with a new official size baseball practice field along with a field club house to provide them with an adequate practicing and athletic facility and sufficient parking space to accommodate all our players and some special spectators. We intend to make use of this field and facility in daytime as well as nights; therefore adequate lighting will be required. The location is on a 20 acre section of land owned by the Texas Dodgers. The general contractor will be responsible for the production of the project design and submitted to us for final approval. Our feasibility study shows all utilities; such as water, sewer, and electrical to be readily available.

1.1. General Description of Work

The project goals include the general construction of a new baseball practice field of regulation size with multi-purpose synthetic turf installed, and a field club house of 5,000 square feet that will include a game study room, athletic restrooms with showers, equipment storage area and a small parking lot for 50 standard size vehicle spaces, area landscaping, building storage area, utilities, and lighting of entire area which includes parking lot. The design plans with details of the field, building and parking lot along with utilities, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, lighting and landscaping layout are to be produced by the awarded contractor and submitted as package “A” plans and drawings. A feasibility study shows water and sewer is readily available for construction taps and should be included on drawings....

References: Please submit a letter of acknowledgement in regards to your bidding intension within 7 days of receipt. If no acknowledgement is received by September 20th, 2010 you will automatically be dropped from the bidders list.
Project start November 1, 2010
Project design and engineering completion 6 months from project start
Site work and Practice Field completion 9 months from project start
Club house and all other site work completion March 1, 2012
Final project completion March 1, 2012
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