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The entrepreneur does not ask questions about whether they can succeed or whether they are worthy of success. They are confident with the knowledge that they will make their businesses succeed. They exude that confidence in everything they do. Entrepreneurs who have no basis for their confidence are doom to failure.

Perseverance, determination

If you aren’t good at motivating yourself, you probably won’t get very far in business – especially as an entrepreneur. When you’re starting up a company and for the first couple of years afterward, there are a lot of long nights and stressful days, and the workload is heavy. You have to be able to give the job everything you’ve got every day, or it will easily get the better of you. The ability to tap into your determination and grit is not just an innate skill. You can teach yourself to get up every day and try to keep a new business going despite long odds, partly by structuring your life and job to make sure you are working toward your larger goals.

Ability to take calculated risks

The very best entrepreneurs, with strings of companies and millions in the bank, are almost always the biggest risk takers. Without risk, there is no reward. That means grabbing an opportunity when you see one and not being afraid of failure. That said, entrepreneurs take calculated risks - which their actions may look flippant, you can rest assured that they're doing the maths inside their head to always make sure they've got a high chance of succeeding if they take a risk. Only a fraction of business owners become full-blown entrepreneurs - the type who run hundreds of businesses all across the world. But you can take inspiration from them, by trying to always remember to push yourself...
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