Two Qualities for a Successful Entrepreneur

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Two qualities for a successful entrepreneur

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Based on J.W. Marriott video, I think the two most important qualities required for an entrepreneur to be highly successful is “A willingness to find and accept a challenge” and “Family background”

1. A willingness to find and accept a challenge
An entrepreneur is a person who wants to accept, and dare the challenges, and take the risk for him to grow, and create higher opportunities as well for the profits. An entrepreneur personal characteristic is willing to adjust, adapt, and grow. He must be very creative, energetic, outgoing, intelligent, inspired and motivated in his endeavors. In business, one of the biggest truths is “earning more depends on taking more risk”. You can’t open new doors without taking risks, by avoiding challenges. That’s why many consider entrepreneurs “excitement junkies” who likes to live a challenging life through their own businesses. But we have to remember that, in business blind risks don’t pay. Business is all about taking steps of calculated risks. It is becoming increasingly frustrating at this age that young people and adult at that matter that we accept to live an “average” life because we can not dare to face the challenges that we should encounter in order to succeed. Fellow Extreme Successful Entrepreneurs you have to accept the challenge of success. It is always better to attempt to reach a goal and to reach an imperfect result than not to attempt at all. As has been said many times: I would rather try to succeed and fail than try to do nothing and succeed. Remember that the only limitations you will ever face will be those you place upon yourself.

2. Family...
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