Men of Honor

Topics: Cuba Gooding, Jr., Carl Brashear, United States Navy Diver Pages: 4 (1505 words) Published: May 27, 2006
An entrepreneur is a person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture ( Even though this is the definition of an entrepreneur, there are also many other attributes that are missing. As an entrepreneur you must have a wide variety of traits which can not only help you in creating ideas but improve them as well. Risk taking and leadership are only a few of the many characteristics you should possess. However, the one trait that is a necessity in anything you do is passion. Without it not only will you become bored with your work, but you will have less of a chance of becoming successful. One film that shows this passion and dedication is "Men of Honor" starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Robert Dinero. Although these men never engaged in any traditional business transactions, these men still do posses many key traits of a successful entrepreneur.

Cuba played the role of an African-American man named Carl Brashear, who left his family and his home in order to join the Navy. His goal was to become a Navy Master Diver. Unfortunately at the time that this movie took place, colored people were still considered lower class citizens and therefore Carl had incredible difficulties achieving his dream. Bill Sunday, Robert Dinero, was one of the best Navy Master Divers. After an unfortunate incident while diving, Sunday was told that he would no longer be able to under go any pressure to his ears. Because of this he became a diving school teacher at a school where Carl later attended. One of the first times we see any traits of an entrepreneur is when all of the men on board the naval ship are swimming and Carl decides that just because he is black and on the kitchen staff, he should not be prevented from joining in. Taking no notice to others around him, Carl jumped into the water leaving the rest of the kitchen staff cheering him on. When the captain realized what had happened a diver was sent in to retrieve Carl. Against the...
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