How to Start a New Business

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Starting a Business
Many people want to start their own businesses. However, others feel that it is too risky and brings too much responsibility. Essay: | -
To many people, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur can be scary, because it is often a risk. However, others do have the courage to become business owners.

In my view, setting up a business is worthy of time and effort for a number of reasons. To begin with, the freedom to make your own decisions in order to advance your own ideas is the greatest reason for starting a business. The search of means for implementation of somebody’s own plans is more rewarding. Also it is more likely, that a person will obtain the desired goal, when he works on his own. A further reason why it is beneficial to become self-employed is that a person may gain as much profit as he/she would manage to. Unlike the salary, the profit from entrepreneurship is not fixed, that is why the amount of it depends only on a businessman’s work.

However, there are people who are not in favour of starting a business. Their main reason for it is that an entrepreneur shoulders too much responsibility. And as he/she is in charge of everything, a venturer may not be able to manage the business successfully and will go broke.

Nevertheless, if a venturer runs the business carefully and is passionate about it, he/she will presumably succeed.

In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that courageous and brave entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of a flourishing economy. As a consequence, becoming a business owner is a good decision.
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