Merrill Lynch

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Starting a business is a risky task. Entrepreneurs are said to be risktakers. They invest time and money to start and manage a business. The big

risk that these entrepreneurs take on is that their business and dreams may not prove to become successful and profitable. Businesses can also have a

positive outcome. It provides people with the oppurtunity to become wealthy, for example Merrill Lynch. Entrepreneurship is the most diverse

occupation. There are five factors that contribute to wealth and diversity. These five factors are considered the five factors of production;

1. Land-natural resources

2. Labor- hired workers to help build the business

3. Capital- machines, tools, and building to keep the business running

4. Entrepreneurship- entepreneurs who take the risk of starting their "dream"

5. Knowledge- education and experience

As a representative of Merrill Lynch I take pride in saying that we are one of the world's leading financial management and advisory companies.

We have offices in thirty-six countries and total client assets of approximately 1.6 trillion dollars at the end of the year 2004. We grow our business by

assisting our clients to grow theirs.

In 1907 the great Charles E. Merrill arived in New York as an entrepreneur filled with dreams and determination. He was willing to take risks

and make a name for himself. He then got acquainted with Edmond C. Lynch and a great partnership became visible. His focus as a broker was to

consider the customer's circumstances and objectives when suggesting investments. Merrill persuaded Lynch to join him and finally on May 19, 1914

they opened their office at 7 Wall Street. Charles E. Merrill & Co. changed its name to Merrill, Lynch & Co. which demonstrated a partnership type of


Ofcourse entrepreneurs not only become wealthy on their own, they provide employment for other people as well. With this being said Merrill,

Lynch & Co. hires...
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