Types of Movies - Students Under Stress

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Name : Mahdi Bzeih Date: February , 15, 2010

English 102 - Homework-
Practice 4:
*nourishes our emotions
*clarifies LOVE & meaning of LIFE
*enriches our background knowledge
*predisposes us to confront such similar dolorous situations steadily Horror
*makes poltroon and coward people face their fears
*Incarnates our negative hidden power and thus easing us
*makes us feel free
*perfect cure for psychological problems

*it's a comfortable way for human to escape from this stressing life. Biography
*extols unsurpassed idealists.


Practice 5:
Which students are often stressed ?
Usually students having physical or mental problems due to lack of sleep or poor nutrition are stressed. In addition to that, those facing major life changes such as family factors including the divorce of their parents, death of a parent or loved one, or changing a school. Moreover, financial difficulties, bad academic performance, social factors and relationship problems could also cause such stress.

What are the major consequences of such stress ?
Such stress could lead to serious results symbolized by:
*Physical signs: Affected students will try to express this stress by aggressive and hostile actions. *Emotional signs: Fear, worry and irritation are of the most powerful negative emotions they'll face reflecting a lack of self-confidence. *Mental signs: poor concentration, forgetfulness, lack of confidence, feeling of helplessness, loss of control and depression. *Health problems: pain of any kind, digestive problems,...
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