Cause and Effect of Stress

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Alex Lam
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Cause and Effect
Today’s society is fast paced and ever changing. This fast paced environment has created a generation faced with probably more stress than ever before experienced by previous generations. Such stress can be caused by a variety of stressors, two of which include home life, as well as a work and/or school environment. The causes and effects of stress are far reaching, and show to be a growing problem.

Home life is a part of a person's everyday routine, which means the amount of stress it can accumulate can be overwhelming. Stress in this setting can stem from a number of causes, the main being conflict. Conflicts of any kind put a lot of stress on a person. For adults, most conflicts pertain to money, its amount, and its distribution. As for teens, or young adults, most of their conflicts pertain to their rebellious antics. Although conflicts are the main cause for stress in home life, in both adults and teens, they can be resolved to help lower the amounts of stress in their life.

It is no surprise that a persons work and/or school environment can contribute to their stress altogether. Authority figures and the management of time are causes of stress in these types of environments. An authority figure such as a boss, supervisor, teacher, or administrator tend to put the stress for approval and success on a person. If the authority figure is hard to please, then the person may find it hard to ever gain approval or success, they may feel as though they are fighting a never ending battle. The management of time can also be very difficult

Alex Lam
M&W 9:30 - 10:45

and stressful for a person, especially if they are engaging in both work and school. While engaged work a person can find it hard to make deadlines or arrive on time. The same problems may apply those who are engaged in school. The real problems arise when a person places his or herself in both environments. Both...
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