Types Of Information Unit 4

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Types of information
The source of the information
(I.e. where did it come from?)
The purpose of information (e.g. a customer order; financial data)
Face to face communication with a customer, employees
Sharing information with the customer to be able to make a sale
Advertisements, leaflets, gift cards, website
The purpose is to inform the customer about a particular product which may be coming out or being updated.
Exchange rates screen
To show what the exchange rate to the customers which are interested to buy foreign money.
Facebook, twitter page/TV adverts
Ways of checking new products or finding information about other post offices e.g. news about them and what is happening at Royal Mail
E.g. what they might be planning to bring out.
Royal mail website
To give the customer an idea about product prices, finding where a parcel is by searching for it through a barcode, shopping for products e.g. stamps
Unit 4 Business Communication

Task 2 – Analysis of the different types of information used in the business that I chose.
This task will be an analysis of how the purpose of information from task 1 will be developed into more detail.
First there is verbal information this can be face-to-face or via a phone call with a customer or another person from another company this is the easiest form of communication because it is right there and then you will get a response from the customer straight away this is also called a two-way communication. The purpose of this type of information is for the customer to receive the right information about a product that they are trying to find out about, e.g. vehicle tax, parcels or anything about post office products. There are a few pros and cons of verbal communication. The pros of two-way communication is that you can see the person who is in front of you and you can also look at their body language while you are discussing about a product and if they look confused you

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