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1. Over the past decade, banks and investment firms have offered many services that would be impossible without ISs. Describe three such services and explain how IT makes them possible.

The entire idea of a money market could not be implemented without ISs. Online trading in stocks via the Internet would be impossible. EDI (electronic data interchange) would not be possible.

2. The Web has significantly cut the cost of collecting data about shoppers and buyers. Explain how.

Consumers may be interested in information about products that they regularly purchase, or new products. This saves such consumers research and shopping time.

3. If you had to evaluate your own subordinates, would you prefer to evaluate them in written, open-ended form, or would you prefer to use employee evaluation software? Why?

If we will evaluate our own subordinates, we would prefer to use both. The employee evaluation software allows a company to use one rating system for all employees, and put all the forms into a main database that allows the business to rank or cross-reference of employees. It also is quicker to the employees in filling out than a paper form. Lastly, when delivering performance appraisals face-to-face, we might be less willing to be negative and confrontational unlike electronic appraisals we will be more willing to be more critical can lead to more honest, detailed ad useful appraisals. On the other hand, if we prefer to evaluate them in written and open-ended form it would be more personal because electronic performance appraisals are impersonal, especially if the employee receives the results on her computer with no face-to-face explanation from a supervisor. Without this personal interaction, a critical rating can seem much worse than the reviewer intended, or alternatively, a serious problem might not come across that way to an employee. Electronic performance appraisals leave a paper trail that can be subpoenaed if there’s a lawsuit and if...
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