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Topics: Entertainment, Television, Addition Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Nowadays, television is one of famous electronic media. Because of its popularity, it is not a surprise if so a lot of people like it. Television is an entertainment that cannot be lost from daily life. Regardless of the popularity, television has advantages and disadvantages due to its significant influence on the society, especially for younger generations. Some of the negative impacts of television for young people are able to decrease the young’s focus and attention in his/her learning activity. In addition, it can also give bad effects through the visualized programs, such as harsh and pornographic action. Those actions can influence the young’s behavior that has potential to imitate them. In this case, most of the parents worried the problems and make an effort to overcome it by means of lessening the young’s activity to watch TV. Although television has bad influence, but why it has been outstanding thing in society? It is certainly due to the fact that television does not only have negative but also positive impact for the young life. One of the positive impacts is that television can give the people a piece of information occurring in oversea, such as science, development technology, culture, etc. providing those program, the people can acquire knowledge. In other words, television can be educative media. Besides, television can also entertain the society through the attractive programs such as movie and comedy. In summary, we can see although have a negative impact but we can’t deny if television have a positive impact. From television, we can get more knowledge and up to date news. So we do not judge only from the negative impact.
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