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Effects of watching Television

By Suntzarose Jan 29, 2015 1151 Words
“The Effects Of Watching Television in Students Performance”

A Research Paper
Presented to
Mrs. Eden Cardaño
Palawan National School
Puerto Princesa City

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Research

Suntzarose P. Alancado
Adela Marie D. Casugo

Chapter 1

The Problem and Its Settings

A teleplay define by 1Serling in his book entitled “Introduction to the Bantam Paperback Patterns”, is a screenplay used in the production of television plays, productions of comedies or dramas written or adapted specifically for television. A play written or adapted for television defined by 2Mifflin. The teleplay has the following advantage and disadvantage according to 3Rumana. First television can be the easiest source of entertainment. Second by watching news channel, we get updated with the things going around the world. Third channels, like Discovery, give information about Wild life. Fourth watching quiz shows can increase our knowledge .Fifth by watching recipe channel, we can learn many recipes. Sixth various reality shows (like singing, dancing, acting) can motivate people, who are interested in that field. While the disadvantage are the following; First adult scenes, frequently shown on television, will have bad effect on children's mind .Children's who are addicted to watch television instead of playing outdoor games, are more prone to Obesity. Second watching television will have bad effect on our eyesight.Third due to television, we don't prefer to socialize with our friends and relatives. 4Duggins a T.V. critic, stated that “cinema is absolute and T.V. is where it’s at”. Here are his ten reasons why. First TV takes the time to go much, much deeper. Second TV’s comedy track record is far better than films.Third Documentaries simply don’t work on film. Fourth TV unites the nation, film just divides. Fifth TV is far greater value for money. Sixth Shelling out for TV is money well spent. Seventh Thought-provoking work is intrinsically harder to find in film. Eight Film’s day has ended, whereas TV is still coming into its own. Ninth TV is far less guilty of false advertising. Tenth TV allows the viewer a more satisfying emotional experience. 5Smith, of “What are the differences between movies and TV series acting?” stated that in most cases, film acting is much more detailed and nuanced than television. Casting directors frequently tell actors auditioning to do less. Even emotionally charged scenes can be ‘smaller’ when it comes to the performances. This is often where many coaches and casting directors say confusing things like “stop acting”. They want less, and less is more in film. It may be due to the fact that an actor (and the character they’re portraying) has more time to gradually show their emotional journey in a movie, as opposed to a thirty-minute or hour-long TV show. Television programs are built around commercial breaks, and to make sure you don’t change the channel, that’s when the victim tells the detective they know who the killer really is. A dramatic pause, music cue, and the camera slowly inches closer to the detective’s astonished/puzzled/worried face. Cut to commercial. That’s acting for television – lightly exaggerated. While today’s shows are much more grounded, casting directors can still identify actors who only have television experience. The researchers who are students of SPA program has observed that awareness on both types of play are just superficial and treated as its goes without further understand how each one is being undertaken and would like to find out how these affect the student performance.

Theoretical Framework
According to 6Dr. Hopkins on an article of “ How media can benefit children” Teenagers can develop their; Reading, writing and critical thinking skills through using blogs, chat rooms and becoming involved in message boards, such as on movie or news sites. Social skills through connecting with others on social networking sites. Political and social awareness by watching news, current affairs and documentaries. Values through observing good role models in the media. Research Paradigm

The study will inquire on which plays a greater influence among the selected SPA students of Palawan National School , cinema play or tele play , factors affecting it and how it relates to the selected variables. Specifically , the study will try to answer the following queries : 1.) What is the profile of the selected SPA students of Palawan National School in terms of the following: a.) age

b.) gender
c.) grade level
2.) What describes students individual development perspective along cinema play? 3.) What describes students individual development perspective along tele play? 4.) How do students compare in their development perspective when grouped according age, gender, and grade level? 5.) What factors affect their cinema and tele play perspective? 6.) Is there a significance association between development perspective and the following : a.) factors affecting individual perspective , and b.) students’ performance in terms of reading ,writing and critical thinking skills. 7.) What development play can be offered based on the findings of the study? HYPOTHESES

The following will hypotheses will be tested 0.05% level of significance: 1.) The students do not significantly differ in their development perspectives when grouped according to age, gender, and grade level . 2.) There is no significant association between cinema and tele play perspectives and the following : a.) factors affecting individual perspective ; and b.) students’ performance

The study will be delimited in terms of problem , population , and time frame PROBLEM
The study will inquire on which plays a greater influence among the selected SPA students of Palawan National School cinema play or tele play , factors affecting it and how it relates to the selected variables and individual satisfaction.

The following will compose the responds of the study:

The study will be conducted at Palawan National School. Significance of the study
The study is reckoned to be timely and essential because it will determine which between cinema and teleplay the greater influence among selected SPA students of Palawan National School and the factors affecting it. The study is deemed significant to the following: For the administrator .The results of the study may provide effective bases of encouraging their subordinates to formulate a functional development program that will help upgrade quality instructional delivery. For the teachers . The findings of the study may serve as their contribution to the administration to come up with a more concrete training. Finally , for the future researchers. The findings of the study may be used as a baseline study for future research. Definition of Terms

Cinema Play- is the art of simulating experiences that communicate ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, beauty or atmosphere by the means of recorded or programmed moving images along with other sensory stimulations Tele play- is a screenplay used in the production of television plays Perspective-a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view Individual perspective- own point of view.

Development plan- a plan to develop something.
Development program- a program to develop something skills or whatever.

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