Is Television Detrimental?

Topics: Television, Entertainment, Reality television Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: January 2, 2011
Television is just another part of technology keeping us from viewing the world and living our lives as we should. Instead of coming out of our house and taking on any challenge the world might have for us, we easily give up to our laziness, which quickly makes us grab the bag of chips, the soda, and sit down. Even though I am one of the many people who just loves to have the remote by their side, I strongly believe that television is nothing but detrimental to our society.

Watching television might seem like an easy and fun way to kill our time, but is time the only thing it kills? For instance, “Unfortunately, our old friends greed and sloth entered the picture and transformed it into a 24-hour ad-plastered, brainwashing, individuality bleaching, stereotyping, couch-potato making tool of society” (Corbett Trubey). Television is clearly considered the best source of entertainment we all have; however, sitting on a couch brings nothing but a lazy habit to most of us. That lazy habit is what keeps us coming back for more entertainment but once we’re being entertained, we don’t realize the addiction. The strong addiction we have towards television kills more than time, it internally kills the viewers. The way they think slowly changes.

Having the television right in front of us leaves us with no other choice than to watch it. The moment we decide to turn the TV on and select a channel, we simply shut our brain down. For instance, “You no more challenge your mind by watching these intelligent shows than you challenge your body watching Monday Night Football” (Steven Johnson). Once we are in front of the television, all we can think of is, well, nothing. Most people are so caught up with the show that they don’t even realize the real situations surrounding them. We often tend to use television as a probe to escape reality.

Television shows are far from being as real as the world. “ There’s a big, beautiful world out there, and not even the widest TV screen...
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