How Media Affects People

Topics: Psychology, Thought, Mind Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: October 2, 2012
Television and Video Games have or haven’t had an influence in our lives

My opinion on this topic argues both sides, I have opinions for either side of the debate. I think that games are good to keep peoples mind working and a lot of them improve the way people think. Games can stimulate your mind and thought process. As long as games do not take over your life they are perfectly fine. Young children have to be guided no matter what it is that they do. Teaching children to manage time wisely will eliminate most of the issues adults have with gamers. Having self control is another big one. If you cannot do the necessary things in your life and give yourself time to play or watch TV then in that case it turns into something bad. Children strive to play these games, often used as rewards for accomplishing something they were asked to do. Situations as these teach life skills. One skill it can teach is being responsible and doing your necessary work before treating yourself. Another one I thought of is using your time wisely so that you can do the extra things that you want to. Television is good for some people; it’s good to spread news and ads for products. Negative ways it affects people is that a lot of people sit on the couch and snack all evening. People stop caring about homework, exercising, and quality time with family. TV gives a lot of people an excuse to make unwise decisions. Television sometimes teaches children things that they should not yet know about. All in all it truly depends on yourself, weather you can control how you use technology in your everyday life. It is not that TV is harmful, the way we use it can be. Video games used at moderation are good for us.
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