Research Proposal on the Effects of Television on Youth

Topics: Primary education, Secondary education, Affect Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Television is invented for the purpose of sharing the information, and if not, at least the entertainment. The family who has the ritual of sitting in front of the television while watching television might share their point of view but can affect the appetite of the children. The children that can be more affected by watching television are the children or the youth. This is commonly noticed while the children or youth are left in the comfort of their home and boredom knocks in. Based on the previous cases studied by the researchers, there are two opposing effects in watching television – positive and negative effects. The main aim of this study is to investigate the effect of television on youth. In order to provide the information needed, there are objectives that can help researchers align their findings. First is to determine the issue among youths of today. Second is to relate the link of television on identified behaviors. Third is to recognize the perception of parents and the youth regarding the television. And fourth is to understand the government actions in reducing the negative impacts identified for the good of the youths. The research will be carried out using primary source of data that is ‘’Questionnaire Method” and secondary information and survey. Through the collection of date, the study can determine the elements that might the affect the popularity of television as well as the learning effects it might deliver. The materials that can be used are books, journals, reports and previous researches. On the other hand the survey is used to recognize the perceptions of parents in the role of television on their child’s performance on either school or within the household. Questionnaires will be distributed to:

* Primary school students
* Secondary school students
* Parents
In conclusion although there are positive effects of television i.e. quick transfer of information .etc. This proposal will be focused on the negative effects...
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