Truth in media

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The Corruption of the Youth today in magazines
Kathy L. Short
October 3, 2014
Georgianna Corsini
The consensus of today’s world is a world of sex. Yet, magazines consensus for the teens of today see that body image in magazines is how a female should look. With magazines that portray young, thin, models are causing the young girls to mutilate themselves by starving to be thin. As this paper shows that the majority of teen magazines have hidden pitfalls. When an article, in a magazine explains how in detail, to get around the loopholes on how to rape a female who is intoxicated, should outrage everyone. However, the world has become placate to the bevy of advertising companies. No longer should we placate to the marketing world, but reminiscence in how things were sold in the past.

The Corruption of the Youth today in magazines
Article one for review is from the June 20, 2012 addition of Men’s Health. Title of article: 5 Best Sex Positions every Man should try. The article was easily accessed by just looking at the rack in the supermarket, and could have been seen by anyone, of any age. The target audience is from male teens to men, to improve their sex life. The article shows a very young couple, in late teens to early 20’s, without any clothes on, and only a bed sheet to cover the female breast area. Pornography: The article suggestively simulates that the couple is having sexual intercourse. The female is sitting facing the male, with both arms wrapped around him, with head tilted back. The male is seen kissing the females neck, with one arm on her back, and one hand cupping her head. The article used explicated wording to describe how to assume the position the couple was in, using words that would imply that the couple was in the middle of sexual intercourse. Sexual wording highly indicates that the male partner is in complete control of the female. Although, throughout the article showed multiple sexual positions used and was very graphic in detail. Explaining to the male how to perform the act in the chosen position. During the article the pictures that were shown where from top of both models, side views of both models, while using close up picture to indicate proper way to perform the act. The couple displayed very little clothing, a light white sheet covered the breast of the female, this would be a picture you are more likely to see in playboy, and not a magazine you would find in your local store. The couple was displayed have intercourse on the floor, the bed, a chair, and with the females back turned, with the male behind her. The couple was displaying very little self-control as model is instructed to do. Body image of both the female and the male show a very small female body, petite in frame, long hair, and lots of makeup. The male is shown as a very muscular male, with a very tight abdominal frame. Yet, it is very evident that the pictures had to have been retouched. After reviewing of the article of How to have the best sex, I was really offended by the article in the magazine. I know that everyone has their own ideas of how sex should be, but the article places the female in a very passive condition, each of the model’s had the perfect body. This can lead to both males and females being very self-conscious about one’s body. Comparing this type of article to what was been taught throughout the course, shows how young people do not care with whom they have sex with. The youth of today read these articles and feel that is ok to have sex without the union of God. Yet, the contrast sends out the wrong message to people, yes God created mankind to have sex, but while married. Therefore, this article is sending out the messages that everyone must be thin, and good looking, not thinking that the pictures that they just seen had been retouched.

Article two: MensHealth to which may considered pornography. The article title is Should I have oral sex while driving?...
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