Troy Kell

Topics: Handcuffs, Stabbing, Kill Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Troy Kell

Troy Michael Kell is a inmate at the Central Utah Correctional Facility in Gunnison, Utah, was charged with murder. Kell stabbed an inmate named Lonnie Blackmon to death on July 6, 1994. Before to the attack, Troy, a white supremacist, had been involved in race-related altercations with Blackmon before. On the day prior the killing, Kell and two of his othe white friends, Eric Daniels and Paul Payne, made a medical request form to visit the prison's health check facility. Daniels forged a medical request form in Blackmon's name so that Blackmon would be taken to the medical facility at the same time as Kell and his friends were being taken. Both Kell and Blackmon were placed in dual locked handcuffs fixed firmly to a belt around the hips. Their feet were not placed in manacles so that they could safely go down the stairs from the top level of the cell block.

By this time, Daniels had also been moved to the lower level to go to the medical facility. While going down to the lower level, Kell removed his handcuffs with a partial handcuff key that had been distorted with a homemade handle made from melted plastic tools. Kell also produced a “shank”. Blackmon was stationed with his back to Kell chatting to other inmates, when Kell started to stab him continually in the neck, eyes, face, back and chest. Kell was free to use his uninhibited hands and arms during the attack, but Blackmon could only kick to defend himself, because he was still in handcuffs. Blackmon's efforts were useless in any event because Daniels held onto his legs during the attack. For over two minutes, Kell stabbed Blackmon with his shank, leaving sixty-seven stab wounds, only two were said by the forensic examiner as being proficient of inflicting death in the little time. Despite Blackmon's please to stop, Kell continued the assault and, in fact, after walking away, returned to inflict more wounds, until Blackmon laid immobile on the floor of the cell block. Blackmon bled...
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