Aryan Brotherhood

Topics: Aryan Brotherhood, Mexican Mafia, Nuestra Familia Pages: 4 (1465 words) Published: November 26, 2012

Growing up most people has been part of a group, one way or another. Girls grew up being Girl scouts or Campfire girls, and boys had Boy scouts and baseball. Well, on that note, I remember having a pledge in Girls Scouts. Well the Aryan Brotherhood also has a pledge:

"I will stand by my brother
My brother will come before all others
My life is forfeited should I fail my brother
I will honor my brother in peace and war"
They also live by the motto, "in for life and out by death." This Brotherhood take these words to heart, and will do anything for a brother whether they are in prisons, jails, or free on the street to handle affairs for others. The Aryan Brotherhood formed in 1964, by white inmates from the infamous San Quentin State Prison, in Northern California. January 16th, 1967 a Nazi prison-gang associate Robert Holderman was stabbed and then battered to death by Black Guerilla Family gang members at San Quentin prison. The very next day, January 17th, 1,800 black inmates and 1,000 white inmates clashed on the main yard at San Quentin prison over the death of Robert Holderman. The prison guards broke up the brawl by firing shots into the mass of inmates. One inmate suffered severe head trauma from the beating he received from opposing gang members. Two other inmates suffered non-fatal heart attacks. August 27th, 1967 nineteen-year-old Barry Byron Mills was arrested in Ventura, California and held for transfer to Sonoma County, where he had stolen a car. Sonoma County had issued an arrest warrant in his name for grand theft auto. On December 12th, that same year, Barry Mills requested and was denied probation. Instead he was sentenced to one year in the Sonoma County Jail. Within less than two months later on January 12th, 1968, Barry Mills and Buddy Coleman escaped from the Sonoma County Honor Farm. Of course this facility was not a jail or a prison, so there for very low security, with non-violent offenders. Mills’...
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