Treaty of Ghent

The war of 1812 was quite bland and not that exciting.
America didn’t do much, but Britain and Canada took action early by taking control over the American fort of Michilimackinac.
In 1814, the British came to the Chesapeake Bay Area, beginning to burn down buildings in Washington dc.
This led to the making of the Star Spangled Banner.
Than the British came to the Mississippi Valley
Andrew Jackson confronted them, and defeated the British.
Britain responded with a naval blockade, because the US Navy was doing exceptionally well.

-- Treaty of Ghent, 1814
Essentially an armistice – both sides simply agreed to stop fighting and to restore conquered territory.
Treaty unanimously approved by U.S. Senate.
New slogan: “Not One Inch of Territory Ceded or Lost”.
Battle of New Orleans went on anyway.

-- Hartford Convention, 1814
Twenty-six New Englanders met for three weeks to discuss grievances against the Republican government.
Recommended an amendment to the Constitution requiring a two-thirds majority vote of Congress.
Before a declaration of embargo.
Before new western states could be admitted to the U.S.
Before declaration of war except in case of invasion.
Envoys from the convention went to Washington, just in time for the news that the American won the Battle of New Orleans.

-- Results of the War
Informal recognition of American rights on the high seas.
New respect for American military capabilities.
War heroes emerged.
Andrew Jackson (later president)
William Henry Harrison (later president)
Indians – BIG losers
Crushed by US in Battles of Horsheshoe Bend and Thames.
Treaty of Ghent had no meaningful provisions for the Indians.

-- More results of the War
American manufacturing increased.
Blockade by Britain stimulated “cottage industries less dependence on European goods.
Intensified bitterness toward English.
Canadian patriotism and nationalism.
Canadian were outnumbered but still defended their homeland against American

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