Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824

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Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824
In 17 March 1824, the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824, which was also known as the Treaty of London, was signed by Hendrik Fagel and Anton Reinhard Falck for the Dutch, George Canning and Charles Watkin WIlliams Wynn for the UK. The purpose for signing the treaty was to address the issues faced when the British inhabits the Dutch properties during the Napoleonic Wars. The treaty was signed in London without the consent of local rulers. Historical Background

Before the treaty was signed, there were conflicts between the British and the Dutch as they fought for trade monopoly in Southeast Asia. In 1819, a settlement on the Malaya Peninsular called Singapore was established by a British named Sir Stanford Raffles. As a result, it had drawn away much trade from Dutch ports which worsen the rivalry between the British and the Dutch. The Dutch, wanting the British to leave Singapore, had declared that the treaty signed by Raffles and The Sultan of Johore was invalid.

Additional to the current issue, the Dutch had doubts regarding their rights in British India and their former establishment which also becoming a point of contention between Batavia and Culcutta. In 1820, by demand from the British merchant, who was interested in the Far East, negotiations with the Dutch was carried out to clarify the situation in Southeast Asia. Terms of the Treaty

The terms of the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824 includes: The British to be provided with trade access with the Maluku Islands, especially with Ambon, Banda and Ternate. The Dutch to surrender their settlements on the Indian sub-continent and also to give up any rights related to them. Besides, the Dutch also handed in the city and fort of Melacca to the British. On the other hand, the factory of Fort Marlborough in Bencoolen and all of the British property on the island of Sumatra were surrendered to the Dutch. In short, after the treaty was signed, Bencoolen and Indonesia belongs to the...
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