The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

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The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is an agreement, signed on February 2, 1848, at Guadalupe Hidalgo, which is a city north from the capital of Mexico, between the United States and Mexico that marked the end of the Mexican War. With the defeat of the troops and the fall of the Mexican capital on September 1847, the Mexican government surrendered to the United States and wanted negotiations between the United States to end the war. Signing the treaty was only the beginning of the process because it still had to be approved by the congresses of both the United States and Mexico. No one could tell how the Polk administration would receive a treaty negotiated by an unofficial agent, and could they know the goods and the negative things of the Mexican political scene for the next few months. In both the U.S. and Mexican governments there was opposition to the treaty. In the United States, the northern abolitionists opposed the annexation of Mexican territory. In the Mexican congress, a sizable minority was in favor of continuing the fight. Both countries ratified the document. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo marked the end of the war.

The United States Senate ratified the treaty on May 10, 1848. Secretary of State James Buchanan was among many Americans who thought these changes would result in a rejection of the treaty by the Mexicans.Many Mexicans opposed to the treaty on the grounds that it is economically Mexico and the United States. In his "Observations on the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo," Manuel Crescencio Rejón argued that his government had exceeded its authority in ceding territory and in negotiating the treaty in secret. In response, Bernardo Couto wrote that the treaty had prevented the destruction of the Mexican nation. After an address on the bleak military situation and several days of debate, both the houses of the Mexican Congress agreed to...
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