Treasurer Speech

Topics: Prom Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: October 15, 2008
Strong-minded, hard working, determined, and dependable are characteristics that I can guarantee everyone who is running for student council has. All of these candidates can take on the responsibility of leading as well as contribute to our class as a whole. My name is Michael Tran, a name I hope is known to many of you and to those who don’t, that you will soon. Junior year is probably the most important year in our high school careers. With college preparation, GPAs, and the hard courses that we undergo, we need some time to just relax, let loose a bit, and have some fun; that is why I am here. As junior class treasurer, I can help make that happen. Because of the incidents that occurred last year, we are unable to have a junior prom, but we can always work towards greater long standing traditions, such as senior prom, field day, etc. As treasurer, I promise to work hard in order to lead our class to a successful and fun year. My intentions are the same as yours, to have fun sure, but also to be able to hold responsibilities and stay on top of the demands of our school. And I know, I know that if chosen, I will take this responsibility in order to fulfill that intention. Remember to vote in the best interest of your class, remember to vote for whom you think the best candidate is, and remember to vote for Mike Tran. Thank You!
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