Transforming the Future of Nursing

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Transforming the Future of Nursing
Kelley F. Edwards
Grand Canyon University-NRS-430V
June 29, 2014
Transforming the Future of NursingThe Institute of Medicine (IOM) 2010 report on the Future of Nursing reiterates the facts related to the dire need for a comprehensive overhaul of the nursing educational system, how the nursing profession is underutilized and an overwhelming consensus that the future success in our healthcare system can be dramatically improved by increasing the number of advanced nurse leaders. The recommendations are based upon several mitigating circumstances: the 2010 Affordable Care Act, the advancements in medical technology, the decreasing numbers of professionals entering primary care practices versus the increasing number of advanced practicing nurses and physician assistants. The focus of the report dealt with transforming education, practice and leadership. Transforming Education

The literature on transforming education is clear. In order to maintain pace with the rapidly changing healthcare technology the IOM recognizes that nurses are poised to become an even larger integral part of the solution, however the fundamental focus of nursing education needs to shift from evolving around acute care and placed on community-based care. As the American population ages the need for complex chronic care increases, the IOM reports in order to continue to deliver high-quality care for this populace, nursing education should be advancing the numbers of BSN level nurses and including competencies that incorporate the entire community- setting aspect of care. The impact of the report has lead to an increased number of institutions designed to facilitate curriculum for a seamless transition from ADN to BSN degrees with an emphasis placed on a more highly educated nurse work-force. Transforming Practice1

The IOM’s overall theme for transforming practice was
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