Future of Nursing

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Future of Nursing
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Future of Nursing
Thinking of healthcare, it is easy to automatically think nursing. When I think of nursing, it is easy to automatically think of healthcare. They are interchangeable and equivalent. Nursing has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the years due to struggles and devoted people to servitude and promotion of wellness. One, question that has always silently surrounded nursing as a profession. Where is nursing leading us? There are no simple answers to this simple question. The IOM report is meant to provide blunt and critical comments that will aid the in the reform of health care. Nurses have a huge impact on the care of the population and are currently given the chance to not only contribute in alterations to healthcare, but to be engineers of how the refashioned healthcare system will look ("Visioning the Future," 2011). In 2008, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation collaborated with the Institute of Medicine to begin to assist in altering the nursing profession. After collecting facts and data needed, the IOM report was published in October 2010. It took an extensive and complete look at the roles nurses should have in a rapidly changing healthcare system. The three key areas of focus were transforming nursing education, nursing practice, and nursing leadership. This paper will attempt to recap changes coming for nurses and the nursing profession as a whole based on a trusted and respected report known as the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report. It has been an ongoing debate for years as to what the minimum level of education nurses should have when entering the healthcare workforce. Nursing is one of the few professions that has many avenues into the same role, title, and employment (Institute of Medicine of the National Academies [IOM], 2010). At the present time, there is still a hospital based diploma programs, Associate degree programs, and finally...
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