The Future of Nursing

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The Institute of Medicine has thoroughly analyzed the Future of Nursing and submitted report. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is a nonprofit organization that works independently, provides unbiased and authoritative advice to general public as well as government. In this essay we would discuss about the significance of report and recommendations of IOM. In 2010 the IOM has advised the Government and the public by submitting an action -oriented blueprint and a detail report about the future of nursing in the country. The report has insisted the suitable changes needed for implementations.

The IOM’s report on ‘Future of Nursing’ has intensified the dream of many professional nurses who have been practicing nursing for many years. This dominant report was submitted by IOM based on a great analytical study and the research conducted by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). This report clearly indicates that the nursing professionals would be utilized more to redesign the America’s health care needs. The skills of a professional nurse will comply with the needs of prevailing dynamic and diverse population. The report reiterates that nurses have to practice to the full extent to utilize their education and training. It also justifies nurses as leaders and fully fledged valued team members of the health care system. Nurses have been an enabling force and can be recognized to bring remarkable change in health care in many dimensions (Aiken et al., 2009).

The Change in Nursing Education:

The report of IOM mainly focuses on the basic education of nurses. It advises to reexamine the nursing curriculum and update the system. Instead of being focusing only on acute care to community settings, it is also suggesting to consider various aspects of primary care, public health and long term care. This will enable nurses with great foundation for care management...

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