Training Evaluation Questionnaire

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Develop a 7 page Training Evaluation questionnaire


Evaluation forms serve a number of purposes in educational and professional settings. They offer insight into the quality of education, training programs, conferences and other events. Developing a customized evaluation form provides the opportunity for the most accurate feedback. This feedback can help make improvements to the program being evaluated. Evaluation forms also work well to assess the skills and abilities of students. Accordingly, this assignment has developed a sample Training Evaluation Questionnaire as follows:-

Sample Training Evaluation Questionnaire
Name of the Trainee; ___________________________________________________________ Name of course: ___________________________________________________________ Name of the instructor: _____________________________________________________

Q1: How would you rate the following in a scale from 1 to 10? a) Overall course material: ____________________
b) Clarity of objectives: ____________________
c) Explanation and contents: ____________________
c) Presentation and Comprehension: ____________________
Any other comment: ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Q2: Were all of the topics covered by your instructor? ___________________________ Q3: Were the instructions clear? _____________________________ Q4: Did you find your classes interesting? _____________________________ Q5: Did your instructor answer your queries _____________________________

to your satisfaction?
Your comments ______________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________________________ ___________________________ ____________________________________________ ___________________________ Q6: Does this course meet your expectations? ______________________________ Q7: Is it relevant to your business? ______________________________ Q8: Would you recommend this course to others? ______________________________ Your remarks: ________________________________________________________ .____________________________________________________________________ .____________________________________________________________________ Q9: The infrastructure were well maintained and easily accessible (yes/no) ____________________________________________________________________. Q10: The devices and equipments (projectors/computers etc) were functional ____________________________________________________________________. Q11: Your overall comments and suggestion

Q12: How would you rate this training program?
• Outstanding
• Very effective
• Satisfactory
• Below average
Q13: Have you ever attended any training program before this? • Yes
• No
• Not sure
Q14: Do you think you need to attend any professional training again? Q15: Are you satisfied with the lectures and speeches given during the training program? Q16: Was the training material adequate?

Q17: Are you confident the knowledge gained will improve your department? Q18: How would you mark our supervising staff?
Q19: Would you like to say anything else about the training program Q20: What was the duration of your training program?

Q21: Were the objectives of the training completed? Were you able to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills? • Yes
• No
Q23: Was the trainer able to train you properly?
• Yes
• No
Q24: Was the training program easy to follow?
• Yes
• No
Q25: What were the primary skills and attributes that the training program imparted to you? ________________________________________________
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