Traffic Jam

Topics: Road, Traffic, New York City Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: May 6, 2013
It’s a fact that day by day traffic jam in Hochiminh City is increasing. It's may be also a common problem in developing cities. Traffic jam is not only hinder development of the city but also roil the residents' life . The bad thing, however, is becoming normal for them. The purpose of this essay is to analyse three main reasons why traffic jam is not strange to the people in there. .

The first major cause of traffic jam in Hochiminh City is the dense vehicle state, especially motorbike. One of the most thing that will be impressed you in your first visit to this city is a numerous motorbikes. It seems that each of residents owns one. So, the traffic is worst during rush hour when people attempt to get to work or get home hurriedly.

The second cause of traffic jam in Hochiminh City is the lack of awareness about traffic rules of people. They have ignored all the rules. The traffic jam may be a night mare of anyone to visit there for the first time. Motorbikes run on the pavements, meanwhile the passengers walk in the road. Buses and the others do not run in their transport lines but in other lines disorder traffic. Obviously, all those lead to traffic jam.

The third cause of traffic jam in Hochiminh City is the poor infrastructure. Vehicles are daily increasing but the roads are very old and narrow. They become narrower because of construction works which the local people call “Lô cốt” having occupied. Now, there are more than 250 projects being implemented on hundreds of roads makes traffic jam worse.

All the causes of traffic jam that I have said makes a cycle. For example, when you go to your work place, you can not move quickly because there are also many people going somewhere in hurry. Moreover, construction works lying on the way disorderly make streams of moving people are blocked. Although you know clearly traffic rules, you have no choice but to try to escape the crowded filled smoke and dust. Not only...
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