Rush Hour and Traffic Jam

Topics: Rush hour, Mexico City, Traffic flow Pages: 3 (1159 words) Published: April 2, 2013
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Nhi Le

In modern life, we have to face many problems. Traffic is now becoming a huge issue of every big city. This is a hard question for the governments and the answer has not been solved. In order to prove the seriousness of this hot issue, I am going to compare 2 cities and figure out what problems they have been having and find out some ways to overcome the difficulties. Ha Noi and London are 2 famous cities of VietNam and England . Ha Noi is the capital of Vietnam while London is the national capital of England. Ha Noi is located in the North part of VietNam, this city experiences the typical climate of northern Vietnam, its population is estimated at 6,451,909 people(according to is the biggest city of England and financial heart of the United Kingdom. This is where Parliament and the most of the government are located. Based on the data published by World Population review website, population of London is about 7,825,200 People always tend to immigrate to huge cities, this is normal because in some big cities they can find a lot of job opportunities and chances to develop themselves. Therefore, there are a big number of immigrants who move to live and work in the cities. London and Ha Noi are not exceptions. This also leads to population increasing in LonDon and Ha Noi. High population also causes many problems. One of them is traffic problem. How these two issues link together? High population leads to big amount of vehicles. Vehicle movement is indispensable nowadays, especially in some big cities. The high number of transport is the main cause of traffic congestion. This is the same problem for both 2 cities. However there are still some differences between Ha Noi and London. The traffic system in HaNoi is poor however the government is trying to improve in order to set up a new system. There are many various projects, which have been developed by the government. London owns a better traffic...
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