Trade Union and Grievance Handling

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1. The aim of the study is to find whether the grievance handling mechanism ensures that employee’s problems are recognized and appropriately reviewed in a prompt and timely manner. 2. The grievance mechanism acts as a foundation for a harmonious and healthy relationship between employee and employer. 3. The grievance mechanism ensures a fair and just treatment of employee’s concerns and prompt resolution of grievances without discrimination, coercion, restraint or reprisal against any employee who may submit or be involved in a grievance


To study the effectiveness of grievance handling mechanism.

1. To identify whether the employees are aware of the grievance handling mechanism. 2. To identify whether the grievance handling system leads to a favorable attitude towards the management 3. To identify that the grievance handling system leads to a mutual understanding between workers and the management 4. To know the level of satisfaction towards the grievance handling procedure of the organization 5. To identify the factors influencing the effectiveness of the grievance handling in the organization.


Grievance is any discontent or dissatisfaction that affects organizational performance. As such it can be stated or unvoiced, written or oral, legitimate or ridiculous. If the dissatisfaction of employees’ goes unattended or the conditions causing it are not corrected, the irritation is likely to increase and lead to unfavorable attitude towards the management and unhealthy relations in the organization. The formal mechanism for dealing with such worker’s dissatisfaction is called grievance procedure. All companies whether unionized or not should have established and known grievance methods of processing grievances. The primary value of grievance procedure is that it can assist in minimizing discontent and dissatisfaction that may have adverse effects upon co-operation and productivity. A grievance procedure is necessary in large organization which has numerous personnel and many levels with the result that the manager is unable to keep a check on each individual, or be involved in every aspect of working of the small organization. The steps in grievance procedure are:

❖ Conference among the aggrieved employee, the supervisor, and the union steward. ❖ Conference between middle management and middle union leadership. ❖ Conference between top management and top union leadership. ❖ Arbitration.

There may be variations in the procedures followed for resolving employee grievances. Variations may result from such factors as organizational or decision-making structures or size of the company. Large organizations do tend to have formal grievance procedures involving succession of steps.


When processing grievances, there are several important guidelines to consider: ➢ Check the grievant’s title and employment status to determine if he / she are included in a union eligible classification. ➢ Note the supervisor’s respondent obligation under the grievance procedure. ➢ Review the requested solution to the grievance. Determine if the relief sought is beyond a supervisor’s authority to grant. ➢ Review all policies or other information related to the grievance. Conduct a thorough investigation of the allegations.

➢ Prepare a written response including the reason for the decision and provide a copy to the grievant. ➢ Grievance materials should be maintained in a separate file from either personnel files or records.

Articles related to grievance:
Measures of supervisory behaviors and supervisor’s knowledge of the collective agreement should, intuitively, be related to the occurrence of grievable events, but there has been no theory advanced to explain grievable events. Kliener, Nigkelsburg and Pilarski implicitly assumed that supervisor monitoring of employees will increase the number...
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