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LO 5.1

As a legal requirement a school should have policies and procedures in place to support staff in their management of situations that might involve violence, threatening behaviour or abuse. By law, the school's policy should make clear what is acceptable behaviour, the hierarchy of sanctions, the arrangements for the clear and consistent application of sanctions and a linked system of rewards for good behaviour.

The principles should take account of the needs of all pupils, including any with special educational needs. It should be reviewed regularly and should cover the ethos of the school, its values and the boundaries of acceptable behaviour, the school's moral code, positive and constructive rules of conduct, the rewards and punishments, which must be fairly and consistently applied.

The governing body has a duty to ensure that the school follows policies which promote good behaviour and discipline among pupils. It is the headteacher's responsibility to promote good behaviour and discipline in line with the governing body's statement of general principles. The headteacher must decide on the standards of behaviour, the rules of behaviour and how they are to be enforced.

At the school I work the Behaviour policy is found on the school computers and includes all of the above requirements and is available to all staff and students, there are also available are policies for child protection, a procedure for managing allegations relating to child protection matters and guidance for safe working practice.


Marianne could have checked her employment contract, the school intranet site,or personnel manual for the policy, she should then have contacted the school in writing setting out the details of the grievance and ask for a copy of the policy, but this initial letter would generate the grievance procedures to start.

A grievance policy benefits both an employer and employee as it provides a process by which complaints can...
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