Tourism and Hospitality Management Systems

Topics: Tourism, Management, Risk management Pages: 6 (1828 words) Published: July 10, 2013
Examples of major project research topics
Independent research under direction of investigation adviser. Selection of problems, development of outline, review of literature, compilation of bibliography, research methodology, conducting of research, interpretation of findings, and preparation of the final draft according to thesis standards 1. Overview of casino gaming operations in the hospitality and tourism industry from a global and local perspective. 2. The functions and transactions associated with the gaming operations environment within a resort casino. 3. A hospitality management and societal perspective of the pros and cons of gambling entertainment. 4. Factors affecting design, selection, physical facilities and utilities involved in foodservice equipment. 5. Planning and operation of individual destination resorts. Analysis of resort concept, history, master planning, environmental impact, facility design, maintenance and operational management. 6. Investigation of supervisory roles in lodging management, with an emphasis on the importance of financial statements and their interpretation, human resources and productivity, and providing quality hospitality services within all types of lodging facilities. 7. Diversified natural and man-made background tourism elements (BTE): preservation and incorporation of concepts for development of tourism destinations. 8. Analysis of marketing strategy, sales techniques, promotional tools, and research for hospitality and tourism development. 9. The roles and responsibilities of professional hospitality meeting planners and hotel convention sales/service managers are examined for purposes of planning or hosting a major convention, or a corporate, association, or special group meeting event. 10. Functions of computers in a variety of food service operations with specific emphasis on spreadsheets and food service application software. Experience using state-of-the-art technology and microcomputers. 11. Strategies to accommodate the inclusive and special hospitality and travel preferences of persons with disabilities within the hospitality and tourism industry. 12. The use of financial techniques and systems to control food, beverage, and labor costs in hospitality food service operations. 13. Property management fundamentals. Topics include ownership goals, management direction, finance and maintenance of multi-family and commercial properties. 14. Exploring factors involved in developing and managing property, both residential and commercial, including undeveloped land. Topics include feasibility studies, financing, appraisal, leases, purchase agreements and management contracts. 15. Investigation of the use of computer technology in the lodging industry for revenue planning, scheduling and performance evaluation. Specialized software will be used to analyze and evaluate hotel performance. Prerequisites: take STAT-130. 16. Research/travel and visits with Chambers of Commerce, casino management personnel, and governing entities to study economic, sociological and cultural impacts of gaming within a particular global or local region. 17. Matching wine and food from different parts of the world using flavors, textures, and components present in food and wine as complementing strategies. Emphasis on menu planning, food preparation, cooking methods and wine tasting with foods. 18. Theory and application of operational and managerial principles for on- or off-premise catering for special events. 19. Application of the principles of food and beverage management in full service restaurants existing as independent units or as units within a commercial/ noncommercial foodservice operation. The course will emphasize fine dining, fine cuisine and control systems. 20. The application of necessary skills to be professional in social and work environments with emphasis on professional dress, proper dining etiquette, business...
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