Tony Fernandes

Topics: Management, Tony Fernandes, AirAsia Pages: 1 (436 words) Published: September 23, 2012
There are many responsibility and duties of being a manager. Based on Henri Mintzberg’s theory about manager plays 10 roles in discharging managerial duties and responsibilities are separated into four functions, planning, organising, leading and controlling. All four of this function is what makes managers so important in an organisation. Besides having to follow the four management function, a manager also performs these few important managerial roles. The roles are interpersonal, informational and decisional. Under interpersonal role, it is divided into three sections which are being a figurehead, leader and liaison. Tan Sri Anthony Francis Fernandes or better known as Tony Fernandes is a Malaysian entrepreneur and he is presently without a doubt one of the most admired executive-turned-entrepreneurs in the Malaysia corporate and working world. He is a 'big believer on big dreams' which he is a good example of a figurehead, whenever there is an important event that involves his company, he will be there to represent his company and because of this whenever you think about Tony Fernandes, you will think about Air Asia. As a manager,you have social ceremonial and legal responsibilities. You're expected to be a source of inspiration. People look up to you as a person with authority and as a figurehead. Tony Fernandes possessed good leadership because he is able to react to challenges and does not give up easily. From the material I got in the internet, it was a big challenge for him to start up because situation at that time was terrible and was widely assumed that the low-cost model will fail. However, Tony Fernandes predicted that Asia would face economy downturn and he could take this opportunity. The biggest challenge in his pathway to succeed in turning Air Asia from a fledging government-link commercial airline to a highly successful public-listed international company is the proposing of the idea of open skies agreements with Thailand, Indonesia and...
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