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Topics: Philosophy, Ethics, Logic Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: September 18, 2011
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Are REASON and EMOTION equally necessary in justifying moral decisions ? (define reason and emoions and their importance in human lifes).

As from the olden times, the times since Plato and Aristotle and various ethicists present at that time have used reason and not emotion to solve moral decisions. It is not only reason which solves our problem but in a few situations emotions too are useful. For example let us imagine the problem which is now a major disaster in the world overpopulation. Simple reason to eradicate this or stop this is too reduce human population by killing them. Logical reasoning in this case proves to be wrong as it provokes the inner feelings of the humans that is the emotions of a person who is involved in this mass slaughter program. It evokes in him the feelings of sadness and guilt. Through this example we can see that even emotions are required to take moral decisions . But if we are certainly depending only on emotional instinct then we are to land up in trouble. Emotions are different in everyone and are subject to external factors which include events of one’s life. These events might take a effect on our mind and might make us violent and savage. It may induce in us fellings which we never felt before and make us do things which we might not do normally. Here we can take an simple and plain example. A person who lost his family in a murder has hatred feelings towards that person and if given a chance to kill him he will do it. In such cases emotion acts as a roadblock and might lead us to wrong directions. Emotions such as fear may also lead to wrong moral decisions let us take a example of a teenage group where a student in the group is addicted to smoking and he forces all the other people in the group to smoke. The others agree except a kid because he doesnot want to. But agree’s to because of the fear of losing his friends. So even this way emotions can be used to misguide us. Reason has been a pathway for...
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