Mgt 350 Week 2 Team

Topics: Critical thinking, Problem solving, Reasoning Pages: 4 (1444 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Thinking and Decision Making
Brandi Browning, Erin Heck, Alberta Nick, Cassandra Underwood, Linda Pater MGT/350
December 17, 2012
Karin Allen
Thinking and Decision Making
“Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions.” This is a quote from an author that is unknown. This quote explains how important decisions are to the working people. Supervisors, team members, and customers are all making decisions. Decisions on how to sell a product are made by employees and managers. Decisions on which product to buy or whether the product is worth the money are made by consumers. People make decisions every day ranging from orange juice or milk for breakfast to which pitch will I sell at this meeting. People’s decision making skills can ensure success in a company or failure. Learning all of the steps and details for decision making is important to know to increase revenue. Emotions

Emotions are often involved in critical thinking and in decision making, but emotions should not be the basis of decision making. Emotions are instinctive so they are strong in decision making and hard to overcome. Emotions can be stronger than rational in making a decision, but one must consider emotions and the impact they will have on the decision. If one is very emotional their critical thinking abilities decrease dramatically, and they can lose focus and control. On the other hand emotions play a part in critical thinking the two types of thinking is entangled. They are both methods of decision making, once one has derived at a solution they must ask themselves how they would feel about the choice. When people use logic and reason in making a decision he or she also has emotional reasons for accepting it. Emotions are a part of life it is how people control these emotions that determines the success of the situation. An example if a person is offered a job with another company and a promotion with it, they would analyze and evaluate the benefits of...

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